Tutorial to Install Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 on Computer

Bitdefender is an anti-virus and cyber-security software that provides its customers with all sizes and all requirements. It comes with comprehensive solutions that are effective in protecting devices in small businesses, homes, and enterprise from online threats and virus. Bitdefender is the excellent antivirus software that provides full protection from file encryption and ransomware to a game mode and a toughened browser. The 2019 version of this antivirus software has some of the topmost defenses in the industry that makes it high on demand. It provides complete malware protection and a light system impact. The latest upgraded Autopilot will help you to navigate it all while providing a useful suggestion.

In this post, we will provide an exact way to Install Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 on Computer. By following these mentioned steps, you can easily install this antivirus software on your device. This security software has the latest anti-malware technology and can cover five devices with one subscription. When you purchase the Bitdefender program, you will get licenses which can be used on up to five devices. It can also be upgraded to ten devices if required. If you are not sure that what package is the best fit according to your requirements, then make sure to call a technician of the Bitdefender team. They will resolve your problem and make you clear to choose the right subscription with ease.

We are providing some steps through which you can easily install Bitdefender 2019 on your PC:

• For installing Bitdefender 2019 on your device, first, access your Central account and download the kit by following the on-screen displayed steps.
• After that click on My Devices
• Click on the Install Protection button which you will get in My Devices window
• Select one of the available two options that are:
1. Protect this device
2. Install it on another device

(If you go through to install it on another device, then click on Protect other devices and then choose the operating system and after that click on Continue. Then, type an email address in the required field and then click on Send.)

• The downloading process will start and wait for its completion, then run the installer. Now, you will see a download window and then the main install window.
• Choose your install language before proceeding with the installation
• After that, click on install to ensure your preferences and start the installation. Wait until it finished. Then, you will see a summary of the installation and if any active malware was detected and removed while the installation process then, it is advisable to restart your system.
• After that, click on Start Using Bitdefender to finish the installation procedure and the now you will see the latest Bitdefender 2019 interface on your screen.

These above steps will definitely guide you while installing Bitdefender antivirus software. But if you are facing any glitches or error codes while installation process, then it is recommended to get the assistance of the support team at Bitdefender Support UK. The team at Bitdefender is continuously updating its system to make sure that it is up to speed with the upgraded threats.