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Thing to do before Bitdefender Installation

Sometimes you may face issues while installing any antivirus program that may create trouble for your system. Nowadays, antivirus software is the first requirement of every device. The software keeps your PC completely safe from virus, malware, and online threats. For that, only one name comes in mind is ‘Bitdefender Antivirus.’ This antivirus is specially designed to provide full protection to the system from virus, Trojans, spyware, and online threats. It gives a small system-performance impact, proper malware protection as well as a load of useful extras. If you are new to this software, then get more information from the experts at Bitdefender Support UK.

But sometimes you may get stuck with the Bitdefender installation failure. There are so many reasons for installation failure. In that case, it is essential to take some practical steps to avoid that.

Let’s have a look at the essential things to do before Bitdefender Installation:

• Check for other software:
Make sure that your device does not have third-party antivirus software. If available, then remove it entirely before installing the Bitdefender. As two antivirus software programs create conflict together and therefore stop working on the system.

• Conduct a complete malware scan:
Before installing any antivirus program, first, conduct a full malware scan of your PC. After that, close all background running programs and free some space. Then, restart your PC and install Bitdefender antivirus. If your device is already infected with malware, then the antivirus will stop working and put your PC under danger.

• Internet Connection:
Installation of antivirus required a secure network connection. If you have a weak signal, then the antivirus will not install appropriately that, in result, creates trouble while scanning or working. Antivirus comes with its feature and servers for that secure internet connection is required for the complete installation.

• Check the requirement of an antivirus program:
Windows is the most virus-prone operating system in the comparison of three major operating systems. It has more users, and it comes with the weakest built-in security. The antivirus program provides complete protection to your computer from virus and malware that exists through flash drives, email, websites, and download.

• Update your windows before installing:
It is the most critical steps that have to take before installing Bitdefender. Sometimes, the up-to-date windows may refuse to install the antivirus program. In that case, first, check your windows update and if any update is available then install it.

• Windows Firewall:
It is advisable to turn off the Windows Firewall as it refuses to install the Security software. Windows firewall restricts the third-party software to invest in the device because of security purpose. All antivirus programs come with their firewall. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the security of your device.

After executing these things, you will be completely able to install the antivirus without any trouble. To ensure that you have successfully installed this antivirus on your system it is suggested to get the advice of technical experts at Bitdefender Helpline UK. The expert teams are available 24x7 to resolve the issue within the given time frame.