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Bitdefender Antivirus is the best security software and is specifically designed to provide complete protection to your device. It is effective in safeguarding your device against viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and online threats. It is integrated with some outstanding features that keep your device completely safe and secure even from advanced threats. This software has got itself well designed over the years and it is not only excellent for safeguarding your home computers however it has also come with some other setups which can be commercially used at the business to keep the system protected.

Along with its features and outstanding performance, it also comes with some technical glitches that sometimes get you stuck as when it occurs, it completely stops working on your device and opens the devices’ door for hackers.

In that case, it is recommended to get in touch with the technical experts at Bitdefender Help UK to get them resolved. As not all users are from the technical background hence, it often becomes an issue for them to get these glitches fixed on their own. All they need is the proper technical guidance so that they can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Some Errors of Bitdefender:

• Update Failed Issues
• Incomplete Installation Errors
• Bitdefender Not Working with Windows 10
• Firewall Activation Error

• Central Web Platform Error
• Security Error Codes
• Bitdefender Free Edition blocking website
• Uninstallation issues

• Antivirus not responding or opening
• Failed to Scan Error
• Malware Detection Errors
• SSL Scan Related Errors
• Issues with Configuration


Let’s have a look at some common errors and the fix of Bitdefender:

PC fails to start after installing Bitdefender:Mostly, it is caused by a previous Bitdefender or any third-party installation which has been still left on the system. For that, remove it from your device properly:
• Restart your system and then enter in Safe Mode.
• After that, remove the Bitdefender antivirus or any other existing software from your system
• Then, restart your system in the normal mode
• Now, reinstall Bitdefender antivirus on your device and make sure that you are using a strong and stable network

Bitdefender Fails to Scan the PC: If Bitdefender is not scanning your PC then, check the connection between the server and workstation. Make sure that your system is started and follow the given procedure:
• Make sure that the Bitdefender Local Manager Service on your device is started
• If it is started then, stop it and restart it again.
• If the scan task still failed then, stop and restart Bitdefender Local Manager Service
• Then, stop the Bitdefender Server Service on the Enterprise Manager server

Bitdefender Blocking the File Creation: Bitdefender sometimes marks a safe website or online application as unsafe. It will cause Bitdefender HTTP traffic scanning to block them improperly. If the same application or page is blocked constantly then you should add them to the Whitelist to get it unblocked. For that,
• Open the Bitdefender Interface and then click on the security guard icon
• Click on the View Modules link
• After that, click on the Whitelist link in the Web Protection module
• Provide the address of the blocked website or online application in the matching field and then click on Add
• After that, click on Save to save the changes and then close the Windows

Fail to install Bitdefender Antivirus:
• If you are facing problem while installing Bitdefender then,
• Remove the third-party software from your device
• Check your system requirement to install Bitdefender
• Make sure you are using strong and stable Internet Connection
• Update your operating system and allow the permission to install new apps

Services You Can Avail:

• Activation Guideline
• Installation and Re-installation Support
• Support for Repairing Process

• Uninstalling Procedure
• Stop Bitdefender from Blocking Application and Website
• Support for Login Issues

• Help with the subscription renewal
• Sign in option for Bitdefender not working
• Support for Bitdefender Download issues

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